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Sabtu, September 26, 2009

Think about going linux ?, Go ahead !

I've been using linux for almost 2 years. Up until today, Linux is still, personally speaking, best of the best operating system ever made for many reasons.
First of all, Linux, as an open source operating system, is completely free of charge. The word 'free' means not only free of charge but also reflects the real freedom, where everyone may modify, distribute, and even remaster the software for commercial purposes. Isn't that awesome ?

Secondly, it has the highest security system. I have not been using anti virus softwares, as it should be when you are on windows, for my linux box. I don't even think that I need them. Well... I know there are few people has been making virus that attack Linux OS. As you may have guessed, they must be the people from 'the other side' who bother creating virus for the Penguin. Fortunately, there has not been any virus related - damage on linux reported. It means that attack is at the minimum level.
Thirdly, Linux guys provide a complete list of softwares in linux repositories. Linux comes with a long list of free softwares that you can use for your daily activities. It doesn't matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, it is a big chance to find softwares that fit your need.
Fourthly, the speed !. Linux is almost always beat Windows in term of booting time, processing time and many other aspect. Linux takes 24 seconds to boot while Windows XP spends almost 120 minutes to fire up the same machine ( You know the terrible performance of Vista !. so I don't need to compare it with Linux ). Slackware even faster. I have tried puppy linux. In average, it took less than 10 seconds to fire up my laptop. Of course the speed will depend on your machine. The comparison made here is based on OS' performance on the same laptop, so I don't compare apple with orange.

Next, its stability !. Linux has a very well designed file system that can help avoid frequent crash. The way Linux install new softwares is also different from that of windows. Linux uses the so-called 'package manager' to handle software installation process. This way the integration of file can be maintained. As consequences, it can avoid systemic crash !.

Next, many.. many things else.

Here are some good starting point for those wanting to convert to Linux. I Would recommend some of the linux softwares to replace the softwares you might have gotten used to

Windows => Linux ( I use UBUNTU 9.04, waiting for 9.10 )
Microsft Office => Open Office
Microsoft Internet Explorer => Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Outlook => Evolution (Personal manager and e-mail)
Windows Media Player => Audacious, Amarok, and many many more
EndNote => Zotero ( Bibliography manager), You may try Bibus too.
iFinger => Stardict , you may choose oxford, longman, merriam-webster( Dictionary)
SPSS => GNU PSPP ( Statistical software)
iTunes => gPodder ( Podcast downloader )
Nero => Brasero ( CD Burner)
Macromedia Captivate => Wink, GTK RecordMyDesktop ( Screen recording)
Adobe Photoshop => Gimp
Adobe Pagemaker => Scribus
Oneeko => Yuguu (Desktop sharing, mainly for distance presentation !)

Here are additional softwares that I've been using, and am happy with it, on my linux

Google Earth for Linux
Quantum GIS ( Replacement for ArcGIS)
Adobe PDF for linux
Bluefish (Web desiner ), a close replacement for Dreamweaver
Epigrass ( Epidemiology)
Skype, pidgin, ekiga softphone ( Chatting )
FileZilla FTP Client
PDFSam ( PDF split and merger )
Marble (globe)
Zend Framework (Programming)
Eric phyton (Programming)
Remastersys Backup ( Remastering and backing up the whole system, Fantastic !)
Semantic ( Mind Mapper, I Haven't gotten used to it, yet )

Supertux 2, tux racer ( Exiting games )

If you ever need some additional softwares the first thing to do is go opening synaptic package manager, type your keyword in search box, tick the one you need, and click apply. Done !. All you need is a working internet connection!

What if you don't have one ?

Ooopsss... I almost forget to remain you that you need repositories CD/DVDs to add software to your linux box. It is not very hard to find ones !.

Some windows-based softwares may also work on linux through WINE. However, it's better to find the correct replacement for the softwares you need, that are the ones designed for Linux, Again there is a big chance to find them. Go googling it ! ( I wouldn't recommend to lay on WINE)
Please let me know what you think about Linux !

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